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Eating Disorders Anonymous.


Anonymous Eating Disorders
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This community is open membership.

We accept any one - with any type of eating disorder. ED-Nos, and Compulsive Over Eating (Reffered to now as Binge Eating Disorder) are as welcome as people with Anorexia, or Bulimia. Anyone who discriminates against certain eating disorders and makes that clear will be kicked out.

*High Wieght:
*Low Weight:
*Current Weight:
*Short-Term Goal Weight:
*Long-Term Goal Weight:
*Eating Disorder:
*How Long:
*Favorite Bands [optional]:
*Favorite Movies [optional]:
*Any Pictures:

Just to make it easier, heres the code to use in your entry

• Don't Abuse The Community
• Don't Post Things That Don't Have To Do With Your ED
• Don't Put Other Members Down.
• Use LJ-Cut With More Than 2 Pictures.
• Please try to keep your poll count under 5 for the day (we don't want to flood peoples friend pages)
• Don't Troll The Community, Members Seen Doing This Will Get Kicked Out.
• Don't Discriminate Against Other People, or Other People's Eating Disorders.
• Membership Is Currently Open, Abuse This, And Membership Will Be Restricted Acess.
• Advertise for other communities you like, or pimp your own if you must, but please make sure they are food/exercise/ED related.


"This community, it's moderators, and livejournal are not responsible for the actions or personal choices of any user, member, or reader. This community does not support or promote the development of an eating disorder. If you suspect you may have an eating disorder, please see a doctor. We encourage you to make wise decisions regaurding your health."


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