is anyone ever really able to achieve happiness? (intrainingxoxo) wrote in anonymous_ed,
is anyone ever really able to achieve happiness?

yay or ney

so hoodia, yay or ney? how much luck have you guys had with it and if you have used it what kind? i now see they even have like hoodia patches.... just let me know if you have had any results with it, good or bad. thanks girls!!

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July 2 2007, 03:19:05 UTC 10 years ago

Hoodia works. Just make sure to get the Hoodia only pills that are certified. Except to pay $25-50 for a bottle. Read the labels and make sure you get high dosages with the least amount of pills. Like there was a bottle for $35 but 3 pills = 500mg when a $25 bottle was 2pill = 500mg.

<3 good luck! I don't see how hoodia patches would work but then again I don't think patches work in general.